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by north carolina between midnight and 3 a.m., fox news will have you covered. i'm shepard smith, it is great having you in tonight. when you got to know the news, you gotta go to greta! >> greta: in is a fox news weather alert. brace yourself, hurricane earl is expected to slam north carolina. where and when? our meteorologist joins us in the fox news extreme weather center. >> scary day when you see a category 4 storm on your doorstep across the eastern seaboard. fortunately it has weakened significantly. winds down to around 110. it has dropped by 30 miles an hour. sustained winds over the last 12 hours that is great news. look at colors when you see darker reds those are the strongest of the thunderstorms that has been dissipating. better news we've been expecting take a right hand jog and that's what it has done. the center of the storm, as you see, now taking a right
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hand turn that keeps away from that outer banks area. nonetheless, very strong wind and very strong rain there and flooding that is going to come in from the sound areas from the north. this right here this is a water vapor image how much water is in the some of the higher levels of the atmosphere. you see dark colors this is this ridge of high pressure across the eastern seaboard bringing record breaking high temperatures in the 90s up into maine over the last number of days this right here is this front we've been watching that is going to change things. i'll show you that front in a second this is the latest satellite image of earl moving around this area of high pressure towards the northwest. major category 4 storm, we've been saying it is going to turn right finally -- it is difficult to say where the high pressure is going to be within say 30 to 50 miles. we now see this it has taken that right turn. now it is going to start to feel the influence from this trough moving from the west. that going to make it really
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accelerate towards the northeast. ly have big impacts across cape cod and the islands. as it peoples up with the jet stream that gives more energy we'll likely see larger area of rain and certainly strong winds. category 2 storm here potentially this outer banks area, this red all indicates hurricane force winds outer banks at around pacific to 4:00 this morning strongest winds. the worst is yet to come still tonight. tomorrow night at -- add 24 hours on, nantucket, 10:00 tomorrow night seeing hurricane force winds for about a three hour period the storm is going to barrel through by 9:00 in the morning, up by nova scotia so it is done for the weekend, great news. a lot of rain falling here, reds and oranges around four to five inches of rain. 80 miles to 100 miles inland no rain. it is going to be a quick drop
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off in the affects from it. same for new jersey up towards new york city, seeing a little bit of the rain maybe half an inch or so then here across parts of new england, i think these totals will be higher this model weather looking at here, not showing enough of this. i think we'll see heavier rain towards new england by the time we are done with this tomorrow night into saturday, a nice weekend shaping up for the eastern seaboard. >> greta: rick, thank you. >> waiting for earl, jonathan serrie joins us in north carolina at kill devil hills. what is it like there now? >> reporter: hi greta. right now we are experiencing some sustained winds not yet a tropical storm force wind but we anticipate that will happen during the early morning hours around 2 a.m. or 3 a.m.. behind me the heavy surf. the waves churning all day an ongoing concern even if hurricane force winds don't make it ashore an ongoing
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concern is the battering curve -- surf and what will that do in the way of beach erosion. beach erosion could potentially cost million tos -- millions to replenish. the beaches draw so many visitors from every corner of this country as well as other countries. tourism a big concern. this hurricane could not strike at a worst time with the labor day weekend approaching. many visitors have already left, heeding the mandatory evacuations for nonresidents. the concern is whether any of them will return over the course of this weekend. north carolina state officials are really trying to point out that the weather is going to clear up quickly and they are trying to invite everyone back to enjoy the labor day weekend. >> greta: of course they want people to come back. they want the weather to get good. they want people to come back and spend money to save the exempt even a storm, simply a tropical storm if it doesn't move fast and keeps pummeling
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water, there are a lot of other problems even inland with power and everything else. it may look good now, but you have not gone through the potential bad part that could come. >> reporter: absolutely. even a tropical storm can do heavy damage. of course with any hurricane there's always the chance it could take a jog in the opposite direction. we certainly saw that a number of years ago in punta gorda, florida they thought they were out of the brunt and the storm veered east and just hit dead on that town with extreme winds causing severe damage. if this storm were to take an unexpected jog to the west, it would bring hurricane force cains)#xehore in the outer banks and could be knocking out power, knocking out infrastructure. a lot of residents were open to that possibility, even those who decided to stay behind. that's why all day we saw people stocking up on supplies, electric2p[z generators.
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many remained optimistic they would only sustain a glancing blow from this storm, many residents were preparing for a worst-case scenario which is only wise, when you live in a community such as the outer banks. >> greta: we'll check in with you later. the warning is simple, get out and do it now. there's a mandatory evacuation in atlantic beach, north carolina. mayor cooper is staying put. he joins us from there on the phone. mayor, you're telling them to get out so why are you sticking around? >> i wasn't told to get out. we need to stick around to be part of the new jersey operations. >> greta: is the weather like now, where you are? >> it is raining and windy. it is not too bad, yet. we are probably seeing dusk approaching, tropical storm force winds nothing there yet. as the band of the storm comes through the rain comes down
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pretty hard then it will let up a little. we are still escaping the brunt of the storm. >> greta: what preparations have you taken? and have your family and friends evacuated? >> from the town's perspective, we follow these storms from days out. we've done everything that our emergency operation plan calls for, including ordering evacuation of the town and curfew all that has gone smoothly. my family is from this island and are hurricane savvy they've decided to stay and ride it out once this looked like it was making the turn we hoped for. >> greta: it looks like the turn has been made and you are not going to get a direct hit. but a lot of rain can cause lots of damage and even danger issues of power, i take it you are ready for that as well? >> we are. local utilities do a good job
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to have an army of bucket trucks strange by. everyone is still on pins and needles. as you mentioned the storm could still take a jog to the west and create a lot of problems for everyone. i don't think we completely out of woods. >> greta: stay safe and hope it keeps making that right turn. on the record is bringing you live updates on hurricane earl throughout the hour. we are monitoring this hurricane very closely. make sure you stay tuned right here. >> coming up steve moore he says we are in deep, you know what, right now. he just listened to a speech by one of president obama's economic advisers. what did he hear that's got steve moore worried? >> later, this will make you crazy. insider trading scandal that will leave you unglued. not just what the sec said they did it is what your sec is doing that will get you
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[car horn honks] our outbacalways gets us there... ... sotimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ >> greta: more stimulus spending as christina romer steps down. that's what she is calling for. >> the only surefire ways for policy makers to increase
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aggregate demand in the short run or for the government to spend more and tax less. in my view we should be moving toward on both fronts. >> greta: can we spend our way out of this recession? writer for the "wall street journal" editorial page steve moore joins us. >> we certainly tried that. we've spent over two trillion since this recession started. we have racked up an enormous amount of debt. what was interesting about what christina romer said yesterday she almost threw up her hand and seemed like with it would work when we drew up -- drew it up on the blackboard and seemed utterly surprised. >> greta: the idea of doing it in a classroom is different than -- did she actually use a reference to the classroom that it looked okay is that how you are paraphrasing it? >> i'm paraphrasing. she did come up with the famous numbers that will keep
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unemployment less than 8%. >> greta: did she make any explanation as to why she predicted 8% and we haven't hit that point? >> i think she regrets that something that has been thrown in her face even yesterday. the only thing she can say is it would have been much worse if we hadn't done this. >> greta: how do we judge that? that doesn't give me much sense of satisfaction we are on the right track. did she say anything else defending tha 8%? we are not at 8% we are at 9 1/2. >> i thought she was refreshingly honest yesterday. she sort of admitted we have a really bad economy now. we expected thins to be a lot better. what is difficult now greta is we've spent so much money already and borrowed so much. there's talk today now of the white house coming out with a second stimulus plan that was announced late this afternoon. we don't have the money to do that now. we just borrowed a trillion
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dollars. are we going to borrow another trillion? i think it puts us in a deep debt hole if we do. >> greta: i'm sure christina romer is a smart person, nice person and devoted to the job and the country wanted to do the right thing. the problem is, she was wrong. regretably. i've been wrong about things too. fortunately for the country i'm not the economist. >> the thing i've objected to the about the stimulus is they said it was going to create these jobs and we are going to get benefits from the spending. you get the spending what about the cost of the enormous debt and taxes that have to be raised to pay for that debt. >> greta: what worries me is that you can make a mistake, we don't like that but do you have the courage to, if you have made a mistake to change course? that's why i wonder is the second stimulus because they don't have the courage to say we should be doing a different
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-- >> when come res comes back it sounds like the white house is going to double down and say let's do another 500 billion or trillion. they are talking about business tax cuts interesting. but they want more shovel-ready construction projects. we've done a lot of those already and it hasn't worked. the other reason i don't think has worked well there was so much pork spending in this. the turtle passes and the ant farms. >> greta: how about signs. we can reuse them now. it is like -- who is advising the president now? >> i think the president has become somewhat isolated two of his major economic advisers have left. as i've said many times, i think it is time to bring in a ceo or someone who knows how
10:16 pm
to run a business someone who has hired workers. >> greta: i'm struck by what he said in the rose garden, the next couple of months he's going to be doing something. have you seen these numbers today? >> right. don't forget what happens tomorrow. the new unemployment numbers. >> greta: if they trend way down we revisit maybe we are on the right track. >> who knows what is going to happen. a lot of economists are thinking increase unemployment rate and more jobs lost this was supposed to be the summer of re . -- summer of recovery. >> greta: fit increases tomorrow it will be so oppressive. we need good numbers. good numbers tomorrow, hopefully. steve thank you. coming up, go negative, stay positive. what resonates with you the voters in political ads? this might embarrass. frank luntz is here with the facts and figures. >> should you run for cover? we are going to give you the
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live update on hurricane earl from inside the hurricane and a look to where heading. >> plus, someone cheats and earns 16 million dollars, what do you think is the appropriate fine? let's compare what you think to the sec. you are going to be so angry about this story and i don't blame you. i got into one of the best schools in t country! [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] when stress gives you heartburn with headache. alka-seltz gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz.
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. >> greta: what do you want to hear from candidates? as the election season heats up candidates are spending tons on ads. what do the voters respond to? pollster frank luntz is with us from los angeles. >> greta, 80% of the advertising on the air now in politics negative, they are really trashing each other. i thought it would be appropriate this evening to show a couple of positive ads that are doing well in the states they are running in. let's start with colorado, a swing state leans republican but the democrats have won it in the last presidential election. one of the great senate races michael bennett won a tough primary because he ran an overtly positive anti-washington campaign even though he's the incumbent. higher the dials more favorable the reaction. green are people who lean
10:21 pm
democrat, red republicans. watch how high the lines climb with michael bennet's positive advertising. >> in this washington they spend money they don't have. in this washington families are looking for ways to get by. here the special interests have too much power. here, people are looking for someone to stand up for them. this washington is broken. this washington is looking to get to work. i'm michael bennet and a previous this message because i know what colorado families are going through and i know things need to change. >> this is one of those cases where republicans and democrats agree there's the washington they don't like this wave we see happening that you talk about so often on your show. bennet puts himself on the side of being a challenger even though he's the incumbent. we got a similar situation in new mexico. incumbent democratic governor
10:22 pm
stepping aside after two terms. susannah martinez decided she would run a positive campaign focusing in on education. watch how well republicans and democrats respond to this message. >> announcer: richardson famed our schools. she wants more time we need change now. >> i'll take money the out of the bureaucracy and spend it in the class where it can make the most difference. money alone isn't the answer we have to end the culture of lower expectations. stop accepting failure. >> >> announcer: no more sending kids to the next grade without the basics. >> with bold reform we can bring real change to new mexico. >> she talk as education agenda parents support. doesn't matter whether you are republican or democrat, you want changes to education and you want the message she is communicating. >> greta: frank, you said 80% of the ads are negative
10:23 pm
because they are effective. what is wrong with us where the negative ads connect with us and have an impact on us? >> we deny we respond to negative advertising. we will assert i have this issue when i do these focus groups, they will say i don't listen. they do. they spoken to the negative because they assume worst about people. the problem is, we are so angry, so cynical and so distrustful, that we only respond to those who keep feeding this negativity. a really good positive ad is what the american people want right now. but it is not what they are getting from their politics today. >> greta: there's no -- if someone runs a bunch of negative ads and gets voted in. there is no punishment. if we have an appetite for them and all we do is put this -- that is all that is put out there it is hard to understand
10:24 pm
how we are going to get the country excited and interested and spending money and changing the economy if all we keep doing is rotten things to each other. >> remember, barack obama ran one of the most positive campaigns of the last 20 years all about change and hope and the ats were positive. he ended up -- the ads were positive. he ended up not delivering what he promised. they look at obama and say he lied us to. they look at the negative from the parties and say they want change. they want accountability from washington, respect from wall street and measureable results from the institutions that govern us. >> greta: money. these ads are so effective i guess it makes a difference which campaign has a fat war chest and which doesn't as we wind into november. >> one of the things that we've been doing is trying to show on your show the examples of advertising, it isn't expensive to do, but it is going to be effective. one last thing, democrats are
10:25 pm
going to spend ties as much on political ads than the republicans -- spend twice as much on political ads than republicans many will the news media hold them accountable for their prompts? will they hold reid, pelosi and the president responsible for what they said was gonna happen. >> greta: except we accept the money for these ads. there's a little of that. what do you mean hold them accountable, they help pay our bills. >> the truth is the american people sometimes they want to vote for the person that promises them the moon. what they really should be doing is voting for accountability. one last thing, if you who is watching now want to participate in one of these fox news focus groups, if you want to dial and react to these ads come to the go to the you can sign up and can be responding to these ads we are going to be seeing between now and the 2nd of november. >> greta: frank, thank you.
10:26 pm
>> coming up the latest, fox news team is giving you coverage on hurricane earl. we've got it all. later there might be clues for new this one. one small business owner tells you how he is turning a profit during the recession. he has good ideas. in griff jenkins' final back to business report for the week. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifing into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention.
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10:30 pm
hurricane hunters are in the storm now flying through. they just found the pressure has risen a little. i think we'll see additional weakening of the storm on its sustained winds. as you can see over the last couple of hours mace been moving east that is great news for cape hatteras and areas of the outer banks who are still getting very heavy rain and winds in excess of 50 miles-an-hour. they are going probably going to see the peak of their 2:00, pacific, . and strong -- 3:00 and 4:00. flooding, northerly winds across the sound and wash across some of the areas that is going to come from the sound area not from the coast. we have hurricane warnings from that north carolina border to the inlet. that is for tonight. we'll deal with the rough areas. tomorrow night it moves farther north, cape cod, martha's vineyard and nantucket maybe a category 1
10:31 pm
hurricane tomorrow night around this time. >> greta: rick, thank you. jonathan serrie in the thick of it in kill devil hills in the outer banks of north carolina. >> reporter: hi greta. we are still experiencing blustery winds not up to tropical storm force, but we anticipate that will happen sometime after midnight tonight when things get really blustery. earlier in the day we were seeing very heavy waves, heavy surf persists, major concern is beach erosion what is the system going to do to the beach? many residents by and large have been heeding the warnings. many tourists have already left the island community. there mandatory evacuation for all nonresidents, here in the municipality that i'm reporting from. it is optional for residents in most of the outer banks with the exception of more outlying communities, some of
10:32 pm
the more isolated islands mandatory evacuations for residents and visitors alike. in the areas where there are the mandatory evacuations for visitors most of them have already left. it appears the vast majority of residents, full year residents have decided to stay behind. although they are taking precautions. earlier in the day they loaded up on nonperishable food, water, electric generators, other supplies, bracing for the worst hoping the storm will not score a direct hit. >> greta: jonathan, thank you. >> all right what is the sec doing? they finally bust someone. wait until you hear what they do. the sec accuses a former hedge fund manager and pharmaceuticals executive of insider trading. illegally taking in 14 million dollars. nearly three million in interest, a grand total of almost 17 million.
10:33 pm
what happened to them for their insider trading? no, not jail. not even charged with a crime. instead the two inside traders get hit with a fine. how much? you won't like this one either. reporter at market watch joins us. david this is absolutely, i think horrendous. tell me, what is the civil fine they are paying for this? >> they are paying a grand total of $650,000, split between them. that's it. 13, 14 million in illegal taking. and that's it $650,000. >> greta: is the reason? there's one aspect they don't even get charged criminally. god forbid any one of us should steal a ham from the grocery store because we are hungry. they steal 14 million dollars for insider trading why don't they pay back 14 million? >> the sec said the financial
10:34 pm
condition only warranted a fine of this size. these guys have lost the money on trades they made later apparently. that was it. they took into account the financial condition and decided that was it. >> greta: they don't get criminally charged. they don't get a referral to the justice department which would be the criminal charge. they do 14 million plus interest and they only pay $600,000 because they lost the 14 million pause they are lousy traders to begin with, right? >> right. we've seen a lot of headline cases where they are bringing big suits against firms like goldman sachs. they charged a big hedge fund with insider trading. they brought these big cases. but the reality is, when these cases have actually come to the point where justice is to be meted out the sec has settled in ways that
10:35 pm
historically, light fines, settlements as opposed to jail time. they don't go avids. they make big sewerties firms pay fines -- big securities firms pay fines, that only hurts shareholders. the reality is we are seeing a lot of noise and smoke from the sec. when it comes to dealing out punishment, they are not doing it. >> greta: asleep at the wheel from the financial meltdown. bernie madoff god knows what they were doing for that one. stories about them looking at porn. one lawyer had to download from his hard drive to the dv dark because he overload the hard drive. now someone rips off 14 million dollars insider trading and doesn't have to pay it back because he's a lousy trader. all right, now the guy that was doing the illegal insider
10:36 pm
trading, he's a classmate of his at wharton, great finance school. does he still have his job? >> the -- self, yes, he's still at merck. >> greta: what penalty does he pay? >> he's paying $50,000. >> how does the sec sleep at night? they don't even see it as a problem? >> the thing that makes it more outrageous, in the final settlement you see the details and the amount of evidence they collected. you have two people with a relationship. you have a company executive with access to insider information. you have them meeting. you have them -- >> greta: how about this, you have them making cell phone calls using such phrases as the weather was in the 50s. the hint that the take over
10:37 pm
price was in the 50s. every viewer writes and screams to every congressman and senator. david, thank you we gotta go. >> next, you might society new york with wall street, but not everyone is rolling in the dough. griff jenkins is in the empire state getting the real story from the small businesses. >> a sports scuffle, a base brawl, wait al until you see it stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at and then there's most complete, like what you get from centrum ultra men's, the most complete multivitamin for women. it has vitamin d, which emergin science suggests supports breast health, and calcium for bo health. centrum ultra women's. and calcium for bo health. boss: and now i'll turn it over gecko: ah, thank you, sir. as we all know, geico has been saving people money on rv, camper and trailer insurance...
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. >> greta: you want to see how
10:41 pm
other small businesses are doing? griff jenkins hits new york for the final installment of back to business record this week. >> reporter: new york has one of the largest economies in the country even ranks among the largest in the world yet the state is struggling. when president obama sign add emergency jobs bill last month it provided over one billion dollars of much needed relief for the state government. how are small businesses in the state doing? after all they make up it backbone of any economy. we let you hear directly from them. want to know what it is like to start a business for the first name your life in one of the worst economies? we ask this bar owner in bay shore, new york who started his business one year ago. what has been your struggles? what has been the toughest parts of it? >> it has been ups and downs. more behind it than you would think. a lot of work entailed into it. you think it is not that tough. but you got to pay taxes
10:42 pm
there's a lot of the vendors, you got to pay everything. you don't realize that until you take over a business. >> reporter: the president was in the rose garden this week and said he wants to identify ways to bring some aid to small which iss to help -- small businesses to help growth and help people hire more employees. what on the tax side do you see as your biggest challenge? >> just paying it. it is high. you pay a lot of taxes. it comes out of your pocket at the end of the month. everything comes out of your pocket. >> reporter: nationally retail sales are up more than 5% compared to this time last year. we stopped by this women's boutique in babylon village to see how they are faring. you opened up in good times. shortly after we hit this recession. you've had to struggle through what what was the biggest challenges you had? >> what was difficult was act
10:43 pm
settling the direction the economy was going in and having to make changes in my business to survive this. so, whereas, a few years ago i carried more luxury brands i've now switched to carrying things that the consumer finds interesting, savvy. but more more affordable. >> reporter: have you noticed decline in shoppers? business dropped? >> i probably all of what you said has happened, unfortunately. what i have noticed thank god in my numbers from this point last year we are seeing an improvement. we are feeling like things are picking up. but we had taken quite a dip when this happened. >> reporter: a family owned business, second generation owner. the economy hasn't picked up to full steam how are you doing? >> hanging in there, keeping busy. since's 0 a lot of decline with the dealer -- a lot of
10:44 pm
small ones closed up made two for three into one location. you don't have the bull -- the bulk you used to have, it is picking up. >> reporter: you are a small business, -- >> some are smaller. i had three locations. i combined those three into one. we are covering montauk to manhattan. it is much condensed. i have the same amount of advance on the road just less overhead, so more . >> reporter: during the recession had you to close? >> i closed two locations i sold the fourth. >> reporter: end of the summer 2010 many predicted you wouldn't be struggling economically like we are. >> it is not where i was in 2005 and 2006 but it is a steady climb. i feel it getting back to where it should be. normally this time of year i'm not as busy as i am. parents are laying out a lot of money for clothes and
10:45 pm
supplies but we are still busy this is usually one of our slower months and we are still moving along. >> reporter: good to hear. yet you are seeing the frugality of your customers? >> yes they are tight in every field. pricing 20, 30 calls a day just shopping it out. a lot don't call back, unfortunately. >> reporter: if you had 10 minutes with the president and vice president what would you tell them as a small business owner? >> help the small guy free up some of the tax money and let people start spending again and get back in line. >> greta: virginia is bracing for impact as earl heads-up the east coast. steve harrigan joins news virginia beach. -- joins us in virginia beach. >> reporter: the wind getting slightly stronger. not a sense of panic or deep concern. you still have a lot of people walking along the boardwalk even the beach where those white caps are beginning to break. the eye of the storm may pass
10:46 pm
as far as 100 miles offshore. the governor has declared a state of emergency. no impending sense of crisis. we saw earlier a number of people boarding up with hard plastic or plywood. along the beach many with a sense of curiosity looking to see how high those waves will get. the heart of the storm should come in after midnight. the real concern isn't destroyed buildings that the wind or floods might bring, but the economic effect this is a big weekend here in virginia beach. a large music festival planned as well as a half marathon. tends of thousands expected. they are going to have a tough time arriving during that storm. >> greta: what has the navy been doing along the virginia coast? >> reporter: certainly right now the navy has said it has secured the ships at least 60 here in harbor. they haven't sent them out to
10:47 pm
sea. they only do that in the case of the most destruct storms. very large navy presence here. at least knife nuclear powered aircraft carriers are -- at least five nuclear powered aircraft carriers are secured. >> greta: if it gets very wet tonight i take it the rest of the weather is predicted to be nice and they can recover economically through the course of the weekend, it won't be as bad? >> reporter: certainly it is expected to move through quickly. as of now that race scheduled for sunday is still a go. right now the concert is still a go here. >> greta: steve, thank you, stay dry. >> coming up, baseball brawl. it is riff ing, it is insane. you will see the whole fight, next. >> you have something in common with luke perry and shannon doherty what is that? stick around.
10:48 pm
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. >> greta: here is the best of the rest: baseball brawl. massive sight on field at the nationals-marlins game. watch how it goes down. >> announcer: he is charging the . morgan is coming after him. they are pummeling him. >> greta: the marlins pitcher
10:52 pm
throws behind the batter the batter pounces and attacks the pitcher. a teammate runs to defend the pitcher. the batter, pitcher and two others were ejected. what you don't see is the pitcher had hit the batter in the lip with the ball earlier in the game and two batters team mays were struck with pitches. on top of that the night before in the batter collided with the marlins' catcher separating the catcher's shoulder. not the first time the batter finds himself in trouble. he's current lay peeling a seven game suspension for flowing a bat in the stands in philadelphia a few weeks ago. major league baseball is reviewing the fight and will announce any suspensions, shortly. >> check out this awful crash. riding that motorcycle is university of iowa's offensive lineman josh keppel. as he's driving straight, a truck slams into him sending him flying. luckily it was a just a very
10:53 pm
close call. he's able to get up after and not suffering any serious injuries. but will have to miss his team's season open they are saturday. the truck driver was cited for failure to yield upon making a left turn. you think? >> 90s nostalgia alert. you probably thought today was just a regular thursday. something amazing is happening right now across the country. it is 90210 day. prompting people across the country to celebrate their favorite high school melodrama which created moments like this. >> listen, i know how important donna martin is to all of you. but the superintendent is serious about this and i would hate to see you throw your high school careers down the drain for this >> tell the superintendent that summer school
10:54 pm
registration is going to break the record this year. >> donna martin graduates. >> donna martin graduates. >> donna martin graduates. >> donna martin graduates! >> greta: don't worry, she does graduate. and our staff in new york knows they have the entire dvd collection with them in their office they will ail begin watching at 11:01 p.m.. we will do our usual reading of then , we are different than the new york staff -- of the encyclopedia. we are different than the new york staff. there you have the best of the rest. >> donald trump has done a lot of things, but not this. david letterman introduces the donald to something he's never tried before and probably won't ever try again. stay tuned for that video. this shows your plaque germs. [ scanning ] [ woman ] those are germs? yep. oooh. u wanna see a colgate total mouth? yes. see, a lot less germs, and i brushed at 7 am. big difference. [ engager ] colte total fights germs for twelve hours.
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11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time. last call. david letterman and donald trump are taking our phrase "last call" seriously. >> anybody here ever have a shot of wheat grass? i've had gasoline that tastes better. honest to god in college on a dare i drank a cup of gasoline. it was fine. i had no problem with the gasoline. honestly. have you ever tried any of it? >> that is just disguflting. -- disgusting. >> no. no. i'm serious.
10:59 pm
i want to you try this. it will be an experiment. you'll go home to the family and say "oh my god, something happened to me". >> is it clean? >> that is the least of your worries, believe me. >> is this porous? >> i'll do one if you do one. >> okay. >> watch, hang on to your hair. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. that is not good. >> it's not good. >> oh, oh my god. >> i can't believe i did that. >> that gives us a stomach ache just looking at it. >> lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. make sure you follow us on twitter, you can sign up to get tweets any time we post anything. go to slash greta wire. s

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